1. What we can do

Our professional engineers will provide high quality services.

We have wide range of product menus for each phase - development, operation, maintenance - based on over 30 years of our company history and experience.

We provide IT solutions to your business problems/needs and improve your work efficiency based on the PDCA cycle.

Not only services, but we also provide our in-house developed products.

Development: 64bit-compliant service
Operation: AWS operation monitoring service
Maintenance: Bilingual user support
Implementation: Web application service
  1. Saiun System
  2. Rakuno
  3. Blue Mail

2. What we actually offer

64bit-compliant service:

We conduct detailed investigation first for our clients to decide if they should integrate 64bit-compliant service with their operation system.

Our service can be ordered for each phase -investigation, repair, implementation.

Bilingual User Support:

This is our user help desk service for foreign affiliated companies provided by our professional bilingual engineers.

Help desk service in Japanese is common, but bilingual user support service is still rare in Japan. We are proud of this unique service of ours.

AWS Operation Monitoring Service:

This is a monitoring and operation support for Amazon web service. We increased monitoring menus to ensure the long system life cycle. Many companies conduct the server implementation, but don't have enough resource for the operation monitoring.

Please call us. We will answer your needs.

Web Application Service:

We provide wide range of services from website development to hosting, any phase requested. We can offer our service not only in Japanese but in multi-language for your needs. This service is a combination of our planning ability and technology. It also enables cost reduction by utilizing CMS. We can develop the application for both internal and external segments.

"Saiun" :

This is our CRM product series, a fruit of our experienced technology. It is possible to add various functions upon our clients' requests and needs. It will improve the efficiency and streamline your business.


This is a position information apparatus utilizing GPS.

Bidirectional communication with mobile terminal equipment is possible.


This is a mailing system using HTML5.

Mailing data will not be stored in clients' database.